Water Exposed Electrical Wiring


What to Do If Your Home’s Electrical System Wire Cables Become Exposed to Water?

          Many homeowners are not aware of the possible damages and dangers they may face as a result of their home’s electrical wire cables being exposed to water.  Water exposure to an electrical wire cable can degrade the insulation and possibly corrode the conductors.  Section 334.10(A)(1) of the National Electric Code (NEC) states that PVC insulated Type NM nonmetallic-sheathed electrical wire cable (used in most homes) shall be permitted for use in generally dry locations.  Article 100 of that same code states that “dry location” is a location that is normally not exposed to dampness or wetness.  That location applies to the inside of the walls of almost every American home.  There are uncontrollable instances where your home’s electrical wire cables may become exposed to water.  All electrical wire cable conductors with PVC insulation and jackets can handle being immersed in clean water free of harsh chemicals for a very short period of time without undergoing any damages, as long as the ends have not been immersed and the wires are not damaged.  The National Electric Code (NEC) does not prohibit the temporary exposure to water as long as the ends of the electrical wire cable conductors have not been exposed, the wire not damaged, a dry out period has been attained and an Electrical Residential Insulation Resistance MEGGER TESTING SERVICE has been performed.  For example, a home building may experience rainfall during the construction period, a pipe may leak or burst within the walls or ceiling, or the home may experience water exposure from firefighting, and water may come in contact with the outer jacket layer of the nonmetallic-sheathed cable.   According to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), all electrical wire cable conductors that have been listed for dry locations only, may become an electrical shock hazard once reenergized after water exposure.  Therefore, it is necessary that you contact Peoples Choice Electric to perform a “Three Point” Electrical Residential INSULATION RESISTANCE MEGGER TESTING SERVICE to determine the extent of the water damages to the insulation on the electrical wire conductors.