Power Surge (external)


How Can an Electrical Power Surge Cause Damage to Your Home Electrical System?

          According to the National Electric Code (NEC), the electrical wires in homes should be rated for at least 6oo volts of electrical current. In the event of an electrical power surge, the voltage will be altered.  An electrical power surge is a sudden burst of voltage in the electrical current of your homes’ electrical system that is extremely higher than the regulated amount of 600 volts.  According to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), power surges are classified into two categories, Internal Power Surges and External Power Surges.  Over half of power surges in the home are from internal forces.  They take place throughout the day, typically from electronic equipment, devices and appliances during start up and shut down periods, diverting electricity to and from other electrical equipment, appliances and devices.  Internal power surges may be very damaging to sensitive electrical equipment, appliances, and devices, but the damages are not detrimental to your home’s electrical system.  On the other hand, external power surges can cause an incredible amount of damage to your home’s electrical system, frying out electrical circuits, melting and burning the electrical wire conductors and insulation.  There are many reasons why your home may experience an external power surge.  External power surges are typically caused by lightning striking your home, property, or utility power lines, power grid switching at the electric utility company, overheated transformers, broken utility power lines, tree limbs coming into contact with the utility power line, or a small animal entering a transformer.  If your home has experienced an external power surge, it is imperative to hire an experienced qualified Electrical Residential Insulation Resistance MEGGER TESTING SERVICE COMPANY such as Peoples Choice Electric to perform a “Three Point” Electrical Residential Insulation Resistance MEGGER TESTING SERVICES to determine the extent of the damages to the insulation on the electrical wire conductors, if any at all.  For a free consultation, contact Peoples Choice Electric at (9739)-MEGGER or (973) 963-4437.