Megger Testing Procedures


Visual and Physical Inspection of Main Distribution Panel

In the preliminary sector of the “Three Point” Electrical Residential Insulation Resistance MEGGER TESTING SERVICE, we perform a very intense visual and physical inspection of every switch and outlet receptacles inside and outside of the home, as well as the main electrical distribution panel. The visual and physical inspection allows us to locate visual evidence of any type of damages due to a possible power surge entering the homes’ electrical system.  The damages would include, but not limited to, arcing, burning, and/or charring.

Circuit Testing of each Branch Circuit

In the subsequent sector of the “Three Point” Electrical Residential INSULATION RESISTANCE MEGGER TESTING SERVICE , we apply a highly regulated amount of stabilized DC voltage across a dielectric to each branch circuits’ electrical wire conductor.  Once the DC voltage is applied, a resistance measurement is then calculated using “Ohm’s Law” to evaluate the integrity of the nonmetallic insulation of the electrical wire conductor.  A high level of resistance signifies there is very little current escaping through the thermoplastic insulation. On the other hand, a low level of resistance indicates that a substantial amount of current may be leaking through and along the nonmetallic insulation.  With that being said, anytime there is a lack of integrity with the insulation of an electrical wire conductor, it results in current loss which will eventually cause your electrical system to perform insufficiently.    

Visual and Physical Investigation of inadequate readings

During the final phase of the Electrical Residential Insulation Resistance MEGGER TESTING SERVICE, a visual and physical investigation is often required on some branch circuits when the initial readings are low.   During the investigation, we find that most of the time a low initial reading is due to, but not limited to, loose wire connections and splices, ceiling fan motors, bulbs, night lights, outlet plug-ins, or electrical appliances or devices plugged into a hidden receptacle.